September 2019

Space Tech Expo Bremen brings together professionals in the space industry in Europe and beyond to discuss current trends, developments and challenges in the market, as well as innovative and ground-breaking technologies.

In its third year, Space Tech Expo Europe is the continent´s major dedicated supply-chain and engineering event for manufacturing, desgin, test and engineering services for spacecraft, subsystems and space-qualified components. The exhibition and conference draw attendance from thousands of industry leaders, decision makers, engineers, specifiers and buyers to meet manufacturers across the supply chain for civil, military and commercial space.

High-level industry experts will share their insights on the most important developments and challenges facing space engineers and manufacturers today at this year´s conferences. Confirmed speakers include ESA, DLR and Airbus, with more announced weekly. 

Meet us on Space Tech Expo on stand 4037 from 19th to 21st of November in Bremen!

September Space Tech Expo



August 2019

Airbus Defence and Space has completed the first step in the construction of the inner structure of the European Space Agency´s (ESA) satellite. This is the start of the satellite´s Earthly journey through different Airbus sites in Europe (Lampoldshausen, Friedrichshafen and Toulouse) towards final integration. Airbus is building the JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer) spacecraft for ESA, which will investigate the potential for Jupiter´s icy moons Europa, Callisto and Ganymede to harbor habitable environments such as subsurface oceans.

JUICE will also carry out observations of Jupiter, its atmosphere, magnetosphere, other satellites and rings. As prime contractor, Airbus is leading a consortium of more than 60 companies across Europe on the project. Jupiter´s distance from the sun will make it challenging to generate energy. For this reason the spacecraft is equipped with solar arrays with a total surface of 85m².

We are proud to be the chosen company, delivering the solar cells for the largest ever built solar array for an interplanetary spacecraft.



August 2019

After succesfully runned lifetime and performance tests (17 tests in total) we received the official TÜV-certificate for our C3PV module.

IEC 62108 is the corresponding TÜV-norm, according to which the tests were realized.

With this certificate it is possible for us and our partners, to connect our CPV systems to the official power supply system.

Certificate of Conformity PV Module



July 2019


We are proud to be the official cup sponsor of the U17 soccer league 2019. 

U17 Bundesliga Cup logo

The match takes place on the 20th and 21st of July in Öhringen. 

Famous teams like VfB Stuttgart, Borussia Dortmund, FC Bayern München or FC Arsenal are willing to win the cup in the Otto-Meister-Stadion. Entrance is free.

Schedule Cup 2019



May 2019

With the newest development of GaAs-based multi junction solar cells, the 4G32-Advanced,  AZUR SPACE provides higher efficiency levels, both beginning-of-life (BOL) and end-of-life (EOL).

These improvements result in products providing best value solutions for the full range of missions: GEO, MEO, LEO, Deep Space and scientific missions.


Since the 1960´s, AZUR SPACE has nearly tripled BOL cell performances, while EOL power has more than tripled during that same period. Improved materials and design have enabled mass reductions per watt of power of nearly 75%.

The design know-how enables an EOL efficiency of 28,8%!

 4G32C Advanced Quad solar cell

Schematic structure of the Quad solar cell, 4G32-Advanced, made by AZUR SPACE Solar Power GmbH



April 2019


Next Generation Solar Cells with an End of Life Efficiency of 30


The continuous improvement of solar cell efficiencies is especially important at the end of the life of a solar cell and improving this is key for maintaining European competitiveness and independence, not least because solar cells that are more efficient in terms of power are also more efficient in terms of cost. A TDE contract between AZUR SPACE, Fraunhofer ISE, Qioptiq, Umicore, tf2 devices and Tampere University of Technology has developed solar cell concepts with the potential to reach end of life efficiencies above 30%. (source: ESA;




March 2019 Space Power Workshop April 2019

AZUR SPACE will be present on the 37th annual Space Power Workshop. The Workshop provides an informal, unclassified, internal forum for the exchange of ideas and information on space power. Space Power Workshop sessions include Program Experience, Power Systems Architecture, Power Management and Distribution (PMAD), Energy Generation, Energy Storage, and Advanced Concepts. The workshop will be held April 1-4, 2019 in California, USA.



February 2019

 ESPC 2019


AZUR SPACE will be present on the ESPC 2019, the 12th European Space Power Conference. The upcoming ESPC will be very special - it will be held in Juan-les-Pins, France, from 31 September to 04 October 2019, marking the 30th anniversary of the ESPC, since 1989. 



January 2019




AZUR SPACE will be present on the CPV-15, the premier technical conference in the areas of high- and low- concentration PV components, modules and tracker-based PV systems.

The conference will take place from March 25-27, 2019 in Fès, Marocco.



 December 2018

    GomSpace 01



GomSpace display models of GOMX4A and GOMX4B - a twin in-orbit demonstration mission launched in 2018 and still operational.

- Solar cells provided by AZUR SPACE.



 September 2017

 Space Systems Loral


Satellite manufacturer Space Systems Loral (SSL) added European solar cell company

AZUR SPACE to its supplier base, signing a three-year supply contract.


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