1.5 million cells in space

without any failures

SPACE Solar Cells

Our state-of-the-art solar cells Download

Space Solar Cells offer high efficiencies, starting from the 28% class and ending in the high-end cell class of 30% -Advanced. The solar cells are equipped with an integrated bypass diode to protect the adjacent cell in the string.

All solar cells include the latest triple junction technology, where GaInP/GaAs/Ge layers are grown on a Germanium substrate and the whole product range benefits from many years’ experience on the space market. AZUR SPACE has already delivered over 1.5 million triple-junction GaAs solar cells to a wide range of customers. In addition to our standard solar cells, AZUR SPACE offers various possibilities of customized products on individual requirements.


           GCS 2d 0003 homepage

Quadruple Junction Solar Cell 4G32C-Advanced
> Data Sheet (HNR 0005979-01-00) (8 x 4 cm)

      GBK solar cell small         

Triple Junction Solar Cell 3G30C-Advanced
> Data Sheet (HNR 0003429-01-01) (8 x 4 cm)

GBK solar cell small

Triple Junction Solar Cell 3G30C-Advanced
> Data Sheet (HNR 0004148-00-01) (80µm)

             GBF Small             

Triple Junction Solar Cell 3G30C-Advanced 
> Data Sheet (HNR 0003384-01-02) (8 x 4 cm)

TJ Solar Cell 3G30C 8x8

Triple Junction Solar Cell 3G30C-Advanced
> Data Sheet (HNR 0003421-01-02) (8 x 8 cm)

                6x12 small        

 Triple Junction Solar Cell 3G30C-Advanced           > Data Sheet (HNR 0003422-02-02) (12 x 6 cm)

                  GAO Small            

Triple Junction Solar Cell 3G28C
> Data Sheet (HNR 0002490-00-04) (8 x 4 cm)

    Silicon Cell S32
Silicon Solar Cell S32
> Data Sheet (HNR 0002162-00-03) (3.1 x 7.4 cm)

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