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The roots of AZUR SPACE Solar Power

The roots are closely linked to more than 100 years of industrial history of AEG-Telefunken.

Founded in 1964 as a part of Telefunken, the company developed and manufactured solar cells for the first German satellite "AZUR", launched in 1969. Since that time, more than 10 million Si as well as 3 million GaAs solar cells have been provided for more than 550 space projects.

Please find below the video from the start of the first German satellite in 1969: 


The technologies initially developed by AZUR SPACE for space applications, are now used in terrestrial PV manufacturing and made AZUR SPACE to the pioneer of European photovoltaics.


  • 1964 Telefunken GmbH
  • 1982 AEG
  • 1989 Daimler Chrysler Aerospace
  • 1994 Angewandte Solarenergie ASE
  • 2000 RWE
  • 2002 RWE Space Solar Power GmbH
  • 2006 AZUR SPACE Solar Power GmbH 


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