1.5 million cells in space

without any failures

SPACE Assemblies

AZUR SPACE solar cell assemblies



Space Assemblies are space solutions with a higher integration level. Based on our high-efficiency solar cells of the 30% or 32% class, the assemblies are additionally equipped with cover glasses and interconnectors.

The cell dimensions as well as the integrated bypass diode are the same as for the bare solar cells. The cover glass covers the whole area of cell and is fixed by bonding with a transparent adhesive onto the front side of the solar cell. The interconnectors are covered with silver, fixed by a sophisticated welding process and designed for LEO, MEO and GEO Missions. All used materials and components are space-qualified. In addition to our standard SCAs (Solar Cell Assemblies), AZUR SPACE offers various possibilities of customized solutions on individual requirements.



Triple Junction Solar Cell Assembly 3G30A                         >Data Sheet (HNR 0003401-01-01)

ABKN picture

Triple Junction Solar Cell Assembly 3G30A                       >Data Sheet (HNR 0003805-01-01) 



Triple Junction Solar Cell Assembly 3G30A                        >Data Sheet (HNR 0006051-01-01)


8x8 Zelle ACNN als SCA homepage

Triple Junction Solar Cell Assembly 8x8cm²                            >Data Sheet (HNR 0005906-01-00)

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