The use of the

concentrated sun

CPV Customized Package

The AZUR SPACE CPV customized package provides tailor- made CPV solar cells on system level. These systems are able to achieve highest efficiencies as well as best energy outcome per time in combination with the specific customer requirements. An increased system performance, easier processing and lowered system costs are only a few benefits from the adapted solar cell design.

The customization package is available for CPV solar cells, wafer, EFAs and ADAMs. The package contains, for instance, the optimization of the gridline design depending on concentration ratio and light homogeneity, the optimization of the antireflective coating which can be adapted to the customer’s interface


or the optimization of the active area, busbar and pad design. Furthermore, it is possible to optimize the utilization of the wafer or even to adapt the fiducials and text structures.

During the development process, our customers are supported by a competent customer’s service. In a theoretical simulation AZUR SPACE are able to demonstrate the results of the planned optimizations, before producing and providing the first samples. 

Please contact us for any further information about specific customized solutions.

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