1.5 million cells in space

without any failures


From the very first project – German satellite AZUR (1964) and up to now, continuous development is the key to success of AZUR SPACE Solar Power in the very challenging global space market.

Since 2009, AZUR SPACE has delivered to customers triple-junction space solar cells with an average efficiency of up to 30%. The next generation of ultrathin solar cell with EOL efficiencies of up to 29% is in the market since 2017. The outstanding performance of the solar cells combined with the gained confidence in our technology, made our products to the preferred choice for many space projects in the past and will do so in the future as well.


Satellite on-board systems require continuous power supply for the whole lifetime of the satellite. But space is a severe environment. In addition to the challenges of heat transfer by radiation, a satellite in space is exposed to strong, high-energy electron and proton beams, x-ray radiation and cosmic rays for up to 15 years. 

The worldwide strongest available radiation hardness factor of our multi-junction solar cells meets these environment requirements and guarantees a long-term operation in orbit. No in-orbit failure with space solar cells produced and delivered by AZUR SPACE is the best proof of our technology.

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