1.5 million cells in space

without any failures

Customer Information


We remind our customers that multi-junction cells contain III-V semiconductor materials which can be harmful in case of wrong handling. Such substances as arsenic (As) and phosphorus (P) are used in different alloys and the contained components are to be handled with care, always using appropriate hand protection. Our space solar cells are delivered in chip trays or appropriate boxes.

AZUR SPACE offers traceability of each individual cell. Along with the shipment, our customers receive a quality report including all results of our internal quality procedures. We strongly recommend to process and store the solar cells under clean room conditions at defined room temperature and humidity. AZUR SPACE ships the cells in sealed packages, protected from the outer atmosphere.

Once in operation, our standard solar cells should not overcome a maximum operation temperature of 150°C. In addition, each solar cell has to be protected by a bypass diode.


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Handling and Storage

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