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III-V multi-junction cells...

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In addition to our main space PV and CPV products, we provide a range of opportunities for using our technologies for special applications.

For instance, our triple-junction solar cell initially developed for space operations and then optimized for terrestrial AM1.5 conditions (air mass 1.5) has reached efficiencies of over 34 % without any sunlight concentration. This solar cell is now available in large-scale production under the names of 3T34C or 3T34A as an assembly with interconnectors and cover glass.

Both products types have already been used successfully in a lot of solar race projects and can be considered for various SPECIAL projects on earth.  

Please contact us for discussing your individual requests with regard to SPECIAL PV applications.





           GBF Small

Triple Junction Solar Cell – Type 3T34C
> Data Sheet (HNR 0003568-02-01)


Triple Junction Solar Cell Assembly –
Type 3T34A
> Data Sheet (HNR 0003569-02-00)

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