The use of the

concentrated sun


AZUR SPACE state-of-the-art technologies as well as its production capabilities make it possible to achieve highest efficiencies of sun light-to-current conversion with multi-junction solar cells based on III-V compound semiconductor materials optimized for CPV applications, available in large-scale production.

In comparison to silicon, III-V materials allow high yield operation even at concentrations of hundreds of suns with the lowest temperature coefficient. The coefficient is approximately four times lower than with crystal silicon.

Since 2004 AZUR SPACE has supplied its customers with triple- junction concentrator solar cells with an efficiency of up to 44% level (at 500x sun concentration).


The next generation of solar cells with 46% efficiency is currently beeing introduced to the market.

In order to meet individual requirements of various photovoltaic systems, AZUR SPACE offers standardized solar cells with an active area of 10×10 mm² or 5.5×5.5 mm² as bare solar cells or as assemblies. In addition, a wide range of customized solutions such as tuning for sun concentration, cell shape and size, special designs, etc. are available on request and in full wafer technology. AZUR SPACE cells are successfully tested with all currently used optical concentration systems (Fresnel lenses with and without secondary optics, parabolic reflectors and systems with spectrum splitting and so on).

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