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Based upon our experience in designing high efficiency III-V multi-junction solar cells, AZUR SPACE developed a range of optoelectronic receiver products with unique features for applications requiring electrical insulation (opto-couplers, solid state relays) or conversion of optical power into electrical power (power supply of remote circuits and sensors).

Compared to state-of-the-art Si based devices, AZUR III/V products offer higher voltage and efficiency, up to 5 times higher current for a given die size, less heat dissipation, up to 180°C maximum operating temperature and a lower temperature coefficient.

Please contact us for discussing your individual requests with regard to optoelectronic applications.


LPC chip 002

Laser Power Converter Diode LPC-810-x            > Data Sheet (HNR 0005417-02-00)

Laser Power Converter Diode LPC-975-x            > Data Sheet (HNR 0006856-01-00)


           Diode MP8

High Voltage Photodiode MP8                               > Data Sheet (HNR 0004530-01-00)


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